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Why Us?

Binational Expertise

We have experience in litigation and transaction from a U.S. based law firm, and we worked for many years in Korea and we well know legal environment and corporate culture in both Korea and the U.S., so the depth of our advice and understanding of your business are exceptional.

Balanced Perspective

We have extensive experience in both law firms and corporate legal teams as in-house counsel, therefore we can provide the most efficient tailored legal services to clients by analyzing issues in a balanced way from the perspective of a law firm (external) and a corporate legal team (internal) at once.

Business Acumen

It is hard to find a lawyer who has expertise both in corporate legal affairs and understanding of the business.  We worked not only as a part of outside counsel (law firm) but also as corporate in-house counsel, and we are with substantial experience in business planning, risk analysis, and competitors benchmarking with working-level staff or executives, therefore we have a realistic sense of business and can provide pragmatic solutions.

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