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Real Estate Transactions

While California law does not require that you be represented by an attorney while completing your real estate transaction, it is your right to hire a lawyer if you wish.  Kiwon Sung, an experienced real estate attorney who is also licensed as a real estate agent in California, will review your contracts and explain all of the terms contained therein to your full understanding.  Unless you fully comply with the terms stated in those documents, you could risk losing your earnest money or even being sued for breach of contract.

Kiwon Sung is experienced at handling transactional matters, including negotiating and drafting agreements.  He can assist with a wide range of issues, including real estate purchases and sales, leases, landlord-tenant disputes, and other issues that may arise through property ownership or leasing.  He has only your best interests in mind, and can help you navigate the legal nuances of buying or selling your home.

Transaction Documents Preparation & Review

  • Preparing, negotiating and reviewing Purchase and Sale Contracts

  • Preparing, negotiating and reviewing Residential Leases

  • Preparing, negotiating and reviewing Commercial Leases

  • Preparing, reviewing and advising on  Guarantor Agreements

  • Preparing, reviewing and advising on Loan Documents

  • Preparing, reviewing and advising on Real Estate Broker Agreements

Real Estate Lawyer
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