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Legal Translation

Legal translation is a complex service because judiciary systems differ greatly from one country to another.  Legal terms in one language and legal system may not have an exact equivalent in another.  Also, legal translation is more complicated than other natural language translations because it has to convey even the implied subtle  meanings of legal terms in each jurisdiction.  Therefore, a legal translator must have thorough knowledge of the intricate details of the pertaining legal system to assure that all requirements of that system are diligently met.

Based on the legal experience from both the U.S. and Korea for several years, Kiwon Sung will translate a wide range of legal documents including IP documents (patents, trademarks, copyrights), depositions, summonses, complaints and briefs, various contracts or agreements, evidence documents, decisions, contracts, wills, immigration documents, and many other transactional and litigation documents.

Legal Translation Lawyer
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